Animal Haven Vet Clinic Dr. Ruth Altman
Animal Haven Vet Clinic Pet Dental
Animal Haven Vet Clinic surgery room

Veterinary Services Provided

  • Preventative Health Care
  • Senior Pet Wellness
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Arthritis & Pain Management
  • Laser Therapy
  • Surgery -- Spay, Neuter, Soft Tissue
  • Dentistry -- Routine & In-house Veterinary Dental Specialist
  • Vaccinations Based on Pet Lifestyle
  • In-house Pharmacy & Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Early Morning Drop Off & Evening Hours
  • On Site Ultrasound by Veterinary Radiologist, Dental, Orthopedic, Soft Tissue Specialists
  • Close Affiliation with Acupuncturist, Massage & Physical Therapists

Licenses & Accreditation

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